About Us

"HAKUSOH BAT, INC." was established in 2018 in San Diego, California to sell the "HAKUSOH" brand in the USA.

"Hakusoh Canada Inc." was established in 2015 in Toronto, Canada to sell the "HAKUSOH" brand in the Canada.

"HAKUSOH" was a lumber company with a history of the more than 200 years and has been manufacturing baseball bats for 70 years in JAPAN.

HAKUSOH have been devoted to an OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer)system and has been producing many products which combine traditional high quality techniques of craftsmanship utilizing progressive new materials and new technologies for each baseball brand.

We use high quality MAPLE from NORTH AMERICA ,TAMO(Blue Ash) and Ho"朴" from Japan which is great quality for Game bats and Fungo bats.

Recently, We have been actively introducing factory automation so that we can handle customers' requests ranging for one special order to several hundred bats.

"Hakusoh" produce more than 5,000 bats a year for professional baseball players in JAPAN and some major leaguers.

"Hakusoh" produce over 100,000 bats in the general JAPAN market.

HAKUSOH BAT, INC. will promote sales by title as follows