Takashi Miyoshi

Whichita Wind Surge


TM26B - 90cm(35.4")

Since the winter after his first season with the Twins in 2018, he has visited the factory every off-season to continue his search for a fungo that can hit the ideal ball he wants. The TM26B, which has a slim balance with weight at the tip compared to Spark Fungo Pro and Regular, has a balance that allows you to swing through using the weight of the top, but the sweet spot is narrow, reflecting his high level of skill.

Knob with Tamo

The shape of the knob is a straight standard model. One of the features of his fungo, Tamo, is slightly visible. Normally, it is a composite of Ho and Maple, but he uses a composite material of Ho and Tamo to make his fungo. *Tamo is Japanese Ash.