New Spark Fungo Series

Hello everyone, I'm excited to introduce you to the new and improved Spark Fungo series!

The series now has six different models to choose from. This means you can make that practice more efficient with your players, no matter what position they play.

1. Spark Fungo Pro
This is the model that we used to offer as a custom fungo, but we decided to give it a new name. The handle is thin and the hit point is narrower than usual, but the barrel is thick and powerful. If you are a fungo master, you can hit spinning or strong balls with precision and control.

2. Spark Fungo Regular
This is the model that we have been selling on Amazon and our website as a standard product. It has a balanced and easy-to-use design. It comes in three sizes: 34", 35" and 36". It is suitable for both infield and outfield practice.

3. Spark Fungo Infield
This is a new product that we designed specifically for infield practice. It is 32" long, which is shorter than most fungos on the market. It has an optimal balance for hitting grounders. It is also very easy to hit short fly balls with this model.

4. Spark Fungo Short
This is the 30" short fun-go that we have been offering for a while. It is ideal for handling drills, warm-ups in front of the bench, or indoor facilities. You don't need to hold it short when you kneel down and hit low grounders. You can hit stable balls smoothly with this model.

5. Spark Fungo Outfield
This is another new product that we made for outfield practice. It is 38" long, which is the longest fun-go in the series. It is designed for hitting long fly balls. It is light and easy to swing, so you can hit far with this model. Of course, you can also hit short distances with it.

6. Spark Fungo Utility
This is a continuing model, but we improved the steel press on the barrel, so you can hit stronger balls more easily. The barrel has a similar shape to H271 or H110, so you can hit with almost the same feeling as your game bat. This model is designed for coaches or players who are not used to handling fungos. You can hit any ball you want with this model. It is also great for live fungos (Hit the ball tossed by someone else). The barrel is large, so you won't miss many balls and you can have a better practice.

That's all for the six models in the series.

If you are a member of the Spark Fun-go Club, you get a 90-day exchange guarantee. Please try them out and see for yourself!

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