ABCA Convention 2020 in Nashville

We attended ABCA Convention in Nashiville.

We have been already attending this show for 3 years.

Now We know many coaches and They are getting know our products.

We mainly provide Fungo for this show.
What is our Fungo?

Our Fungo is made out of two type of woods, Shina and Hard Maple.
Shina which is used as core of the bat is covered by Hard Maple.
By taking advantage of this characteristic, we make one of the best fungo bat in the world.

★The Core - Shina
Shina is  very light in weight and very flexible but durable.
We  are using the best shina woods found in Hokkaido, Japan where the temperature goes below 32℉(0℃) with strong cold winds.

★Surrounding parts of the core - Hard Maple
Surrounding wood is made of maple from North America.
We are procuring this material only for making a fungo bat.
The covered Maple makes the same feeling of impact as solid maple.

Please check our Spark Fungo in our website.


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